How to Insert Currency Euro Symbol € in Kingsoft Writer

Most US keyboards only contain a US dollar($) currency symbol. However, many other country people need to enter additional currency symbols like Euro symbol €. Kingsoft Writer Free version offers currency symbol dialog box that contain all currency symbol.

This article will take Euro symbol € for example to introduce how to insert currency symbol in word documents. The steps are shown as follows:

1. Place the cursor on the word that you want to insert the Euro symbol.

2. On the Insert tab, click on the Symbol button, and the the Symbol dialog box will appear.

3. There are various of symbols in the Symbol dialog box, you can directly choose the Euro symbol €.

insert symbol

If you want to insert the currency symbol in Presentation or Spreadsheets, you also can follow the same method. 

In conclusion, follow these three steps you can easily insert Euro symbol in your word documents by Kingsoft Writer Free 2013. That will much more conveniently add Euro currency symbol anytime without limit of different keybords.