How to Print Document Background Color in PDF using Kingsoft Writer 2013

In the latest Kingsoft Office 2013, you can export the background color together with the document content to PDF. Take the following steps to add background color to your document and export it to PDF.

Apply Background Color to Word Document

Step 1 Launch Kingsoft Writer 2013.

Step 2 Under 2013 style interface, go to Page Layout > Background, and then select a color for your document background. Under Classic interface, the background function can be found in Format > Background.

apply background color to document

Figure 1 - Background Color function under 2013 style interface

The color will be applied to your document background. You can also choose a color from the color pallette by click on More Fill Colors.


You can also apply gradient effect to the color you have applied to the document background. Click on Gradient in the drop-down option list as seen in the above screenshot, and choose a fill effect in the pop-up dialog. You can choose colors, transparency, and shading styles. Press OK to apply it to the document.

apply background color to document

Figure 2 Background color fill effect

Export document background color in PDF

Under 2013 style interface, go to Save as > Export to PDF to convert the document to PDF. After the PDF process is completed, you can open the PDF file to check the background color.

Want to try it now? Download Office Free 2013 to try it out.