How to use Paragraph Layout feature in Writer 2013

From 2012 version, Writer offers a Paragraph Layout feature, which can help you easily adjust paragraph indent and spacing. This feature is available in both Free and Professional edition of Writer. Follow steps in this guide to use Paragraph Layout in Writer 2013.

Enable Paragraph Layout

By default, the paragraph layout icon paragraph layout is shown on the left of the paragraph where cursor is placed. You can click on it to select the current paragraph you are editing. If you can not see this icon, go to Home tab and click on Show/Hide Paragraph Layout icon to enble it. See following screenshot.

enable paragraph layout

Adjust paragraph indent and spacing

Click on the paragraph layout icon paragraph layout to select current paragraph. You will see the paragraph background color turns grey. Then you can use the mouse to drag the arrow on each side to adjust spacing and indent. 

Adjust First Line Indent:

paragraph layout first line indent

Adjust Before Spacing:

paragraph layout before line spacing

Adjust After Spacing:


Adjust Left Indent:

paragraph layout left indent

Adjust Right Indent:


Adjust line spacing and other settings

When paragraph layout icon is on, the Paragraph Layout tab will be activated. You can see this tab on the program toolbar. For line spacing and other settings of the selected paragraph, you can go to the Paragraph Layout tab to apply them. For example, you can set Tight or Loose line spacing, text alignment, and styles to the paragraph. After applying all desired styles, simply press the close button on the top right to exit Paragraph Layout.

paragraph layout tab

Reset paragraph format

When you want to clear the format you have set to the paragraph, click on the arrow of Paragraph Layout icon and select Reset Paragraph Format. And all the formatting will be cleared. You can also hide Paragraph Layout icon by clicking on Hide Paragraph Layout Icon

paragraph layout

Watch the following video to learn to use paragraph layout feature:

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