How to Freeze Rows and Columns in Spreadsheets 2013?

Recently, we've received some feedbacks. Some users are vexed about being unable to find a way to freeze rows of column headings so that they can continue to see them even when scrolling down their spreadsheets 2013. For this problem, the solution is the Spreadsheet's 'Freeze the window' service. With this, you can leave a specific column to stay in place no matter you scroll to the right or front. Here are steps to freeze your rows and columns.. Let's take Kingsoft Office Writer 2013 for example:

Step 1: Open a worksheet, select the leftmost cell within the cell range you want to freeze.

open excel documents

Step 2: On the new 2013 interface, click Freeze button in the View tab; On the traditional interface, freeze button is on the drop-down list popped out after you click Window menu on the tool bar.

freeze button

freeze row and columns

Step 3: Drag the scroll bar; the rows and columns in the frozen region won't scroll. The region is always in the top left-most position.

Step 4: If you want to unfreeze or freeze other rows or columns, you need click Unfreeze in the View/Window tab to unfreeze the window.

Now you can feel free to scroll down your spreadsheets; locked columns and rows will remain in the window.