What is WPS Office and .wps File Format

About WPS Office

WPS Office, which is also called Kingsoft Office, is the Chinese version of Kingsoft Office. Kingsoft office products have been developed under the name of WPS Office for 25 years (since 1988) and the international version is called Kingsoft Office.

The name of WPS is an acronym for Writer, Presentation and Spreadsheets. These are the three main components of WPS Office. The latest version for Windows operating system is Office 2013:

wps officewps office components

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WPS Office Versions

WPS / Kingsoft Office now supports Windows and Linux. Mobile versions for Android and iOS versions are also available.

WPS / Kingsoft Office for Windows:

Support Windows 8/7/Vista/XP ( X86 & 64 ) and has English, Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese language versions.

Download Kingsoft Office 2013 for Windows

WPS / Kingsoft Office for Android:

Support Android 2.1 and above, and 43 kinds of different languages.

Download Kingsoft Office for Android

WPS / Kingsoft Office for Linux:

Download Kingsoft Office for Linux.

About .WPS extension

The file extension of .wps  is used for Kingsoft Writer Documents. This extension is also used for Microsoft's Works Word Processor. This format is similar to a Microsoft Word document (.DOC or .DOCX file) and supports formatted text, images, and advanced page formatting. Kingsoft Writer documents can be converted to Microsoft Word *.doc files in the software.