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Perhaps you have already tried the latest Microsoft Office Word 2013, but don't plan to upgrade your operating system or hardware to meet its requirements; or you simply don't want to use the Cloud feature, then you will find Kingsoft Writer a good alternative for Microsoft Word. Kingsoft Writer just run locally and can handle documents created with Microsoft Word 97-2010, while occupying much smaller space than Microsoft Word.

It is not a simple replica of Microsoft Word. Beside all the basic features of Microsoft Word, Kingsoft Writer has also introduced its own unique function. It has minimum system requirements, and takes up only one tenth of the space required by Microsoft Word.

Word Alternative - Kingsoft Writer features

Interface Similar to Word 2003/2007

Kingsoft Office Writer 2013 is ideal for those familiar with Microsoft Office Word 2003/2007/2010. It will let you feel perfectly at home. No matter you are using the Word 2003 interface, or the ribbon interface in Word 2007/2010, you can choose the similar interface in Kingsoft Word. There are three interface styles for you to switch.

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Features similar to Word 2007/2010

Kingsoft Writer has similar features to Microsoft Word, which supports spell check, word count, table of content, sections, cover page, PDF converter and etc. Kingsoft Writer also introduces userful features like paragraph layout tool, table adjustment tool, and tabbed interface.

Kingsoft Writer 2013 is fully compatible with Microsoft Word. Word 2013 can import Word files (*.doc, *.docx) from Microsoft Word. Considering its price - free, Kingsoft Writer is no doubt a great alternative to Microsoft Word.

word alternative free

Word alternative - Kingsoft Writer Download

Kingsoft Office 2013 can only be downloaded as a whole suite, but you can choose to install only Writer 2013. See How to install individual Office 2013 programs.

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