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Don't plan to upgrade your operating system or hardware to meet the requirements of the newest Microsoft Office 2013? Tired of upgrading your Microsoft PowerPoint from one version to another? To make presentations, there are plenty of programs that can replace PowerPoint.

If you just need a basic presentation software, it's recommended to try free alternatives or replacements to Microsoft PowerPoint, which can fully meet your daily needs for creating PPT presentations with a considerably professional look.

The replacement we are talking about here is Kingsoft Presentation 2013. It has minimum system requirements, and takes up only one tenth of the space required by Microsoft PowerPoint. >>Download Kingsoft Presentatio Free 2013

Microsoft PowerPoint Replacement: Kingsoft Presentation

The simple navigation, clearly set-out toolbar and user friendly interface of Kingsoft Presentation Free make it suitable for complete beginners as well as experienced users. 

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Similar Features to Microsoft PowerPoint

Creating a slide show with Kingsoft Presentation is as smooth as Microsoft PowerPoint. You can apply graphics, text boxes, flash objects, and transtion effects to your slide show.

Adding notes to your presentations is also supported. Actually, most of the basic features in Microsoft PowerPoint is available in this program.

Compatibility with Microsoft PowerPoint

Kingsoft Presentation can open and edit all MS PowerPoint presentation files, such as *.ppt and *.pptx formats. Besides, it can export presentation to PDF format directly. Presentation 2013 now can save files as *.ppt format, as well as other formats like *.dpt, *.dps, *.pps.

In addition, Presentation 2013 can save presentation files as packaged file in *.zip format.

Smaller and Faster Presentation program

Small package and fast running speed are the two advantages compared with bloatware like Microsoft PowerPoint. Free templates of various types are offered. To process advanced features like VBA and Macro, you may consider the paid version: Presentation Professional 2013.

Download Kingsoft Presentation

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Download Kingsoft Presentation Free 2013


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