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Microsoft Excel is the most commonly used program for processing electronic spreadsheets. However, there are many replacements out there that can do similar job. If you have no plans to upgrade your operating system to keep up with the latest technologies, but only want a handy program for data analysis and processing, it is recommend to use free replacement for Excel.

The free replacement we are talking about here is Kingsoft Spreadsheets. It has minimum system requirements, and takes up only one tenth of the space required by Microsoft Excel. >>Download Kingsoft Spreadsheets Free.

Microsoft Excel Replacement: Kingsoft Spreadsheets

Interface of Spreadsheets Free resembles that of Microsoft Office 2003/2007. Both classic style and 2013 style interfaces are available. You can easily switch between different skin styles.

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Features Similar to MS Excel

Kingsoft Spreadsheets features a calculator, graphing tools, and multiple other tools for complex data analysis. Besides, it supports more than 100 commonly used formulas, and rich functions to aid in data analysis.

It also supports various types of charts, makes your workbook quite professional. The chart can also be inserted into other Kingsoft Office applications, like Writer and Presentation.

Full Compatibility with MS Excel

Kingsoft Spreadsheets is fully compatible with Microsoft Excel (*.xls, *.xlsx). The latest version allows saving worksheets as MS Excel 2007/2010 format - *.xlsx. Considering its price - free, it is no doubt a great replacement for Microsoft Excel. To process advanced features like VBA and Macro, you may consider the paid version: Spreadsheets Professional.

Download Kingsoft Spreadsheets

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Download Kingsoft Spreadsheets Free



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