kingsoft office 25 year anniversary

Founded in 1988, Kingsoft has gone through a history of 25 years. On Sep 17, 2013, Kingsoft celebrated its 25th anniversary. At this very time, we’d like to share with our users the same joy and luck, so we prepared 25 licenses as gifts to our users. Dear users, thanks for your support!

Gifts: 25 full licenses of the latest Kingsoft Office Pro 2013 ($69.95)

How to Get the Gift:

Write something about Kingsoft Office, it can be a review of our product, a guide or tutorial, advice for product improvement, suggestion for activities...anything that you want to tell us (the length of the article is not limited). Post your article as a thread in the 25th anniversary section in our forum.  Enter Here

Event Time:

Submit: Sep.23-Oct.8, 2013 (GMT+8)
Result Announced: Oct.11, 2013 (GMT+8)

For future activities, please follow us on Kingsoft Office Facebook and Google Plus Page. Thanks and good luck to those who are interested!