Main updates of Kingsoft Office in the year 2014

In the first quarter of year 2014, Kingsoft Office has released the following two important updates:

Kingsoft Office Free 2013

The main new feature added in this update is the UK English spell checker. Beside the two dictionaries of US English and UK English in Kingsoft Office, users can also add other dictionaries to Kingsoft Office 2013.

See how to switch spell checker languages within Kingsoft office program.

Kingsoft Office Free 2013

There are many new features added to this version, including the support for saving document and workbook as Microsoft Office 2007/2010 formats. Some of the main features are listed below:

1. Save documents as *.docx, *.dotx, *.docm, *.dotm

From version, Kingsoft Office Free allows users to save documents as MS Word *.docx, macro-enabled *.docm, as well as MS Word 2007/2010 templates.

See how to save documents as Word 2007/2010 formats.

2. Support exporting PDF with background color

apply background color to document office 2014

See how to apply background color to PDF in Writer 2013.

3. Support find and replace formatting

Now you can search and replace or remove text formatting using Writer. Press Ctrl + F to find and replace specific formatting in the document.

See how to search and replace specific formatting in Writer 2013.

4. Saving workbooks as *.xlsx, *.xlsm

By saving workbooks as MS Excel 2007/2010 *.xlsx and *.xlsm formats, you are allowed to create workbooks with up to 1048576 rows and 16384 columns.

million rows office 2014

See how to set spreadsheets to support a million rows and columns.

5. Support AutoFilter by color

office 2014 filter by color

See how to filter sheet content by cell color or font color.

6. Add function recommendation list when inputting functions

recommend excel 2014 function

7. Support applying custom color for reading layout view

You can apply a custom background color to the active row/column under reading layout view.

recommend excel 2014 function

See how to change reading layout highlight color in Spreadsheets 2013


All the feature updates can be found at Kingsoft Office Free 2013 updates.

We are working hard to improve Kingsoft Office and will continue to offer updates to users.