Office 2013 for Windows is updated with DOCX saving options

A new upgrade of Kingsoft Office 2013 was released on August 13, 2013. The latest version for Office Suite Free 2013 is and that for Office Suite Professional 2013 is This release contains a number of bug fixes and feature enhancements.

Since the release of Kingsoft Office 2013 on June 4, we have received a lot of feedback emails. Users of our software helped us find bugs and gave us constructive suggestions. Based on user feedback, we upgraded our software to provide a better user experience.

Regarding the novelties of the latest Kingsoft Office 2013, the main improvements are:

1. A higher compatibility. Writer supports saving files in DOCX/DOTX/DOCM/DOTM format and it can open XML files. Spreadsheets supports saving files in MHT/MHTML format and exporting shared workbooks to XLS format. Both Writer and Spreadsheets have better compatibility with HTML format. Besides, the latest version also has a better compatibility with Windows 8.

2. Better user experience. Printing performance is largely optimized so that users can have a good printing experience. In addition, during installation, users are allowed to choose whether to install all these three programs or just one of them. This gives users more choices and freedom.

3. Improved Professional version. Saving files in DOCX/DOTX/DOCM/DOTM format is an exclusive feature of the paid version; the free version does not support it. Moreover, 14 days before the one-month trial expires, a dialog box will pop up to tell users to input a serial number or download the free version, in case some users do not notice the trial version is going to expire.

There are also various other fixes and features. For more details, please see What’s New in product page; for further experience, please visit our website to download and upgrade; for upgrade guide, please refer to How to Upgrade to the Latest Kingsoft Office 2013.

If you have new issues, don’t hesitate to send your feedback to our 这个 E-mail 受所垃圾邮件程序保护,您需要启用 JavaScript 才能查看。 mailbox. We appreciate every user’s feedback, which is the driving force of our improvement.

We wish you a good office time with our Kingsoft Office suites!