Kingsoft PPT for iOS Shareplay

Want to make PPT with your iOS devices? Kingsoft PPT for iOS Shareplay makes it possible. What's more, your audiences can view your presentation on their iOS devices simultaneously, as long as you are in the same local area network. Follow the guide below and experience it!

Device 1 (host device): Open Shareplay through the following two ways:

1. Open Share menu and click Shareplay.

open shareplay method one

2. Open the document and click the first button at the top right.

open shareplay second way


Device 2 (slave device): Join Shareplay as follows:

1. Open Share menu and click Join Shareplay.

join shareplay


2. Input Access Code (obtained from the player interface of the host device), and click Done.

input access code


Compare interfaces of the two devices after successful Shareplay.

The host device:

host interface after shareplay

Access Code: Code required when other devices enter Shareplay.

Network: The wireless network of Shareplay. The devices of Shareplay should be in the same network.

People joined: The number of people joining in Shareplay, which supports up to 6 slave devices.


The slave device:

slave interface after shareplay