How to Transfer PPT Documents From PC to iPhone/iPad via iTunes

Have you ever had trouble transferring PPT or other office files from your computer to an iPhone? If so, you've landed on the right page. In this tutorial we will use iTunes, one of the most amazing and must-have apps for the iPhone/iPad, to help you out.

1. Connect iPhone/iPad to your computer via USB cable. iTunes will be launched automatically.

2. What we connected here is an iPad mini. Enter into the iPad by clicking the iPad icon.

Enter into the iPad via iTunes.

3. Switch to the Apps tab on the tool bar. Find "Kingsoft PPT Free" in the application list. Tap the Add button in lower right corner.

add kingsoft ppt free to itunes.

If Kingsoft Office Free has been added, you only need to tap it once.

4. Select the file (e.g. "friendship.ppt") you want to add in the file list. Tap the Open button.

choose ppt need added.

5. The file "friendship.ppt" has already been added in iTunes.

Add ppt in iTunes.

6. On the Kingsoft PPT Free interface on the iPad, "friendship.ppt" has been saved under My Documents catalog.

Add ppt in ipad.