The Most Amazing Feature of Kingsoft Office for Android: Share Play

Have you ever imagined that, one day you can make a presentation by using your android phone instead of PC? You're allowed to flip the screen to change slides, or slide your finger to highlight the spot you think important. Audiences will view your presentation on their android devices simultaneously, as long as they are in the same local area network.

This cool spotlight feature is known as share Play, which is available now in the newest version of Kingsoft Office for Android, version 5.1. It is the exclusive, and applied patent of Kingsoft Office Company.

Q: If I would like to use the Share Play feature, what should I do?

Step 1: Install Kingsoft Office for Android on your Android phone or tablet.

Step 2: Launch this office app, and open the PPT document you'd like to use.

Step 3: Click Share Play on the tool bar menu. As seen in the following:

Tap the shared play button of Kingsoft Office for Android

Figure 1 Tap the Shareplay button

As you can see on the top right corner of following picture, it displays the Access Code and the Number of People who have already accessed.

The access code to join the shared play. And the number of people who has already joined

Figure 2 Display the Access Code and Number of People

Step 4: Broadcast your access code to your audience.

Step 5: For the audience in the same local area network, all they have to do is launch Kingsoft Office for Android app, tap the Join Shareplay button, and input the access code you give them. Then they can view your presentation. As shown in the following picture.

click the join shared play button to access to the presentation

Figure 3 Tap the Join Shareplay button

Input the access code and you can join the shared play

Figure 4 Input the Access Code to join

Not only does this feature meet the needs of different meeting scenarios, but you're enabled to make full use of the wireless projector, smart projector or smart tv to make your presentation. 

Check out the share play video on Youtube: