How to Insert Chart in Spreadsheet on Android Device

Chart is a quite useful feature in spreadsheet, which can show rich data in linear, pie, or bar types. It provides a visual benefit by displaying comparisons, patterns, and trends in data, and helps to analyze and compare data in an easy way.

You might think that you can only use charts while editing spreadsheets on PC. While with Kingsoft Office, you can not only enjoy the chart feature on your PC, but also on your mobile or tablet which run the Android system. If you couldn't find this feature on your Kingsoft Office for Android, it's time to update it to the 5.3 version we have just released.

Follow these steps to insert chart to your spreadsheet on Android devices.

Insert chart to spreadsheet on Android Device

Step 1 Launch Kingsoft Office and open a spreadsheet file (*.xls or *.xlsx).

Step 2 Go to the toolbar and find Insert button. Tap on it and select Chart from the drop-down options.

Step 3 You will enter the chart style interface, under which you can choose a style for your chart. Now Kingsoft Office offers four types of chart, including Column, Bar, Line and Pie. There are five different styles, each style uses a different color theme. Choose the style you want, and tap on OK in the upper right.

insert chart in spreadsheet on android insert chart in spreadsheet on android

Step 4 A chart is successfully inserted into the worksheet. Tap on the chart, and you will see three options. Choose Data Source, and in the next interface, select the data range you would like to show in the chart. and finally, tap on Finish.

insert chart in spreadsheet on android insert chart in spreadsheet on android

If you want to delete or change chart style, simple tap on the chart to select Delete or Change Chart.