How to Copy Documents from PC to Android device

Sometimes you will need to copy documents from PC to your Android device. With Kingsoft Office for Android, it is quite simple to transfer your Word documents, Excel spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations from your PC to the Android phone / tablet via the Cloud Storage.

Steps to copy documents from PC to Android

Before taking the following steps, you need to get a Cloud Storage account from at least one of these Cloud Storage providers:

Dropbox, Google Drive,

And make sure you have already uploaded your Word documents (*.doc, *.docx, *.txt), Excel spreadsheets (*.xls, *.xlsx), PowerPoint presentations (*.ppt, *.pptx) and PDF documents (*.pdf) to the Cloud Storage folder.

Then do as follows:

Step 1: Launch Kingsoft Office in your Android mobile / tablet. In Open group, tap the Cloud Storage icon to access Cloud Storage service list.

transfer documents from pc to android

Figure 1 Open Cloud Storage

Step 2: Choose your Cloud Storage provider and type in the account and password and login.

transfer documents from pc to android via cloud storage transfer documents from pc to android via cloud storage

Figure 2 Cloud Storage Service List Figure 3 Cloud Storage Login Interface

PS: Kingsoft provides Dropbox, Google Drive and as the default Cloud Storage providers. However, should you want to add a new storage provider, please consult How to Add WebDav Service to Android Office Cloud Storage List.

Step 3: After having logged in to Cloud Storage, tap on the documents you want to open. And the download progress bar will appear.

show cloud storage documents transfer doc from pc to android

Figure 4 Document list in Cloud Storage   Figure 5 Download file from Cloud Storage

Step 4: After downloading from the Cloud Storage directory, you can save the documents in your Android device. The default location of the file is shown in the following screenshot:

save documents to android

Figure 6 Location of the downloaded document

After these steps, you can successfully transfer your documents from PC to Android devices.