How to Set Underline Color to Text in Word Document

When editing word documents on Android devices, you sometimes will have the need to underline certain text with colored lines, in order to highlight or emphasize this piece of text. In this case, you need to use this new feature provided by Kingsoft Office Android 5.5.3. Follow these steps to set colored underline to your text.

Set underline color to text in word document

Step 1 Launch Kingsoft Office and open a word document (*.doc or *.docx).

Step 2 Double click on the text content to select the part you want to set underline.

Step 3 Go to the toolbar and find Font Option. Tap on it and more options for Font settings will appear on the toolbar. Tap on Underline option. You will see the following drop-down color options.

underline color of text on android underline text in word on android

Step 4 Choose a color for the line and tap on OK. If you need to use a custom color, tap on More and choose a color from the color picker, and finally tap on OK.

The selected text is applied with the yellow colored underline we have just chosen from the color picker, see following:

set under line to text in word on android